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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  July 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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tragedy in texas. eyewitnesses describe the horrifying hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people. >> and, local car owners and karen theus as is get ready to rev it up. live to tell you where big street festival is happening today. and, wet weather, not over yet. justin is tracking more storms on the way today. what you need to know if you have outdoor plans. >> today is sunday, july 31st, where does the month every july go? good morning, i am a rahel solomon. thanks for being with us, we send it over to justin drabick. so if you do have outdoor plans, what's the deal? >> i wouldn't cancel any just yet. scattered here, casino of just like yesterday. i think less coverage in the rain compared to yesterday. that is good news, already looking better outside right now. >> compared to yesterday? >> sunshine. >> oh, that's nice. >> check out this shot center city. we're going to be seeing those clouds break up little bit. basically from the city on westward, that's going to be the trend as we head into new jersey, through the morning, but, again, in the afternoon, we could see couple of scattered showers, pop up, but
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again hit and miss stuff. so just keep your eyes to the sky. it will warm up pretty rapidly today. 77 degrees currently, calm winds, does feel like 78. so humidity running high. current showers right now, two-hour loop. starting to diminish. the exception is central ocean county south of toms river, still dealing with slow moving shower, very heavy rainfall over 3 inches of rain, from that little system right there, but showers beginning to move out of bucks county, and south jersey looking whole lot better, too, over the past hour, flashflood warning stays in effect because of the heavy rain over central ocean county, that continues to about 11:00 this morning, still some flood advisories in effect for bucks county, part of northeast philadelphia, extending into northern burlington county into trenton, from earlier showers. so there could be little bit of urban flooding going on being some of the smaller streams or creeks on the rights. mid and upper 70s for the air temperatures, dew point very high in the mid 70s, as well, so tropical feel to the air mass out there. very warm and humid today.
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that will help fuel more scattered showers and maybe thunderstorm, so heavy rain still pots and any shower, 88 for the high for philadelphia, mid 80s at the shore, 70s in the poconos, does cool down, humidity drops for the work week, i'll let you know when that arrives in a few minutes. rahel, back to you. >> this morning, we are following developing story out every austin, texas, the chaos caught on sell phone video, one woman killed, four people injured, in gunfire. the search continues this morning for suspect, but police say that the suspect may be among the people taken to the hospital with injuries. of course we will continue to follow that. >> also, in texas, hot air balloon caring 16 passengers crashes on saturday, and it appears everyone on board is dead. authority say the balloon caught fire went down in a pasture, cbs news correspondent omar villafranca reports. >> investigators surveyed gruesome scene saturday morning. what was left after a hot air balloon loaded with passengers caught fire and plunged to the earth.
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a woman who lives nearby saw the aftermath from her front porch. >> i heard one pop before i stepped out the door. then i heard another pop. i am looking around to see who is shooting, because it sounded like a gun going off. and then i looked off over there, and the next thing i knew you saw big fireball go up. >> margaret said she off tens sees hot air balloons flying in the area, and that the same company involved in the accident identified as heart of texas hot air balloon rides had what she called close call in a neighbors field about a year and a half ago. she said it was foggy early in the morning, but that the haze had mostly cleared. she believes the popping noises she heard were the balloon hitting high voltage power lines, located just above the crash scene. >> the way it went up i don't think any had any idea what was going on. >> team out of the ntsb will try to determine what went wrong, will treat this area like a crime scene. >> you only get one chance at it, we want to make sure we do
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everything correctly. >> governor greg and booth said in a statement he is asking all of texas to join in prayer for the loss. omar villafranca, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new this morning, police are investigating a serious accident on roosevelt boulevard southbound, near fox street, there are reports of four people injured and several rushed to the hospital. we're told a fight actually broke out between two of the victims once they got to the hospital. no word on the cause of the fire or the extent of injuries in the accident. >> an investigation is underway into a shooting involving two new jersey state troopers. the troopers responded to 911 calls on the 300 block every center ton road in upper deerfield township late friday night. police say a man, fired shot at them, and troopers returned fire. man in critical but stable condition. one of the troopers was grazed by either gunfire or shattered glass. police questioning person of interest in connection with phony traffic stop in orland, montgomery county. and investigators say road rage may have spark the stop. eyewitnesses say that this
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white van had flashing red and blue police style light when the driver pulled over another vehicle near church and brent roads last tuesday. springfield township police traced the van registration to charles grossman of whitemarsh township, police are looking for anyone with more information on the incident to come forward. >> a south jersey man is under arrest, facing arson charges after a fire at the mays landing bulkhead in atlantic county. twenty-one year old william held at the atlantic county justice facility right now. police say they supported him after fire broke out on vessel near the bulkhead just before midnight last night. "eyewitness news" provided description, police say he fit that description. so far investigators have no motive for the alleged arson. >> it should be fun afternoon in south philly as the 11th annual car show and street festival takes over the east passyunk neighborhood. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live there as organizers get ready for busy day, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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rahel. 8:00 just passed, and the cars just began to roll in, as you can see, hine me, a number of antique and very show cars just rolled in, lining up here, along east passyunk avenue. and i got to bring in pat. pat, common in. introduce yourself to our crowd. come on over here. >> from the northeast car club. >> wonderful. >> good morning. >> good morning. this is an exciting day for you guys. >> yes, it is, this is our 11th year running the car showdown here on east passyunk avenue. >> wonderful. and so tell me, the hundred 40 plus cars are going to be here today? >> yes, over 140 cars, last year was about 144, so we're expecting about the same this year. >> i'll move out of the way, so showing you all of the cars, different vehicles just roll up. but let's talk about this, you are here from the very beginning. tell me, you had a cute story about how this all began, 11 plus years ago? >> yes, 11 years ago, i was
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contacted by a person named al, from rose lena restaurant, just up the block here. he has an antique car himself. and said it would really and great idea to put some cars in front of his restaurant. well, that conversation turned into having a full blown car show, and that very same year we had our first car showdown here east passyunk avenue. we had about 90 cars that first year. >> yes, and it has since grown, grown, grown. literally like hundreds, thousands of folks, flocked to this area, it check out the restaurant, check out all of the businesses, they go shopping, there is a kids area, all sorts of things, if you have any inkling every thought that this would be happening when you put the one car out all those years ago? >> no idea we new it would blossom into this. everybody is asking me about this every year, when is it, when is it, very popular, all of the people in the surrounding neighborhoods, just love to come to this event. >> yes, and so let me tell you where it will be. it goes from broad all the way back to dickinson, from
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11:00 to 4:00 today. there will be a dj, live music at every single block. there will be drink specials, and a number of restaurant along this area as well as discount, and shopping, and of course pat you'll be here. >> yes, i will be here. come on down, look at all of the old cars. we have variety of cars anywhere from example here 1906, up until present 2016. >> yes, and i saw them rolling in. could you hear the engines humming, lot of fun, great for kids, again, 11:00 to 4:00 today here in south philadelphia. live in south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> 1906. all right, looks like fun. >> well the giant powerball jackpot will not be rolling over. coming up next, last night's numbers, and here where the winning ticket was sold. >> remember, it was all the rage two summers ago, now seeing the result. our stephanie stahl shows us how the money from that ice bucket challenge is now being put to good use. incredible images to the
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south of our area, where flashflooding destroyed a city street and even flipped over some cars. justin? >> good morning, still seeing some heavy rain through parts of the area this morning, but more showers on the way. it stays unsettled as we head into the work week. i'll let you know when the sun finally comes out in full in the
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>> that block is block off until police get the tree cleared, fortunately, no one hurt thereon south street. >> tree not the only thing damaged by last night's serious storm. trang do, flooding in mercer county, where some drivers were stranded inside their cars.
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>> heavy rainfall, and flashflooding, across mercer county, left drivers stranded. >> but once i realized it was the water, i just pull off the rolled, trying to be safe. >> and kept first responders, and tow truck drivers, busy. >> just like one after another. we're on a police call, so we're just pulling people out of the water, getting them to high ground. >> andrew griffin and his wife jody took matters into their own hands, and feet, wading through as much as 2 feet of water on alexander road. one of dozens stuck on the platform of the princeton junction train station, surrounded by water as seen in the cell phone video. >> and the water was coming from the east side of the station, underneath, and all the way down through the parking lot down vaughn road to alexander here. since then i've been trying to figure out a way to connect with my wife. we eventually ended up as you saw caring her suitcase through this water here. >> the couple did have a boat.
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>> did you have to take that boat over to rescue your husband? >> i was seeing if i could sale it down the street here. >> some took chances driving through the flood waters and ended up full of regret. >> crazy, don't drive-thru water, just silly. i think too many bad things happen. >> pay attention to the road cones and the saw horses, they put them up for a reason, you know, they don't do it because they're bored, they do it because it is dangerous. >> princeton university is about 2 miles from here, and also reported heavy flooding in fact the wawa on campus was closed for all afternoon, and most of the evening. in west windsor township, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". flashflooding in maryland caused even more damage, state officials now declaring a state of emergency. ellicott caught with flashflooding, with homes, businesses, even cars washed up against storefront in the historic business district. homes evacuated, power knocked out for miles around, and some people who were caught in the storm say it was a frightening
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scene. >> insane, flashflood, i literally came here, thought i would have -- i err, within five minute it was panic, someone pulling someone out of there. never seen anything like it. >> the water got upright where we are standing here it, would have been about waist high on me right here. >> emergency responders say they did make numerous water rescues, resident were being asked to stay away, while, crews start to clean up. tough images there, justin, you said it yesterday, very localized, but depends where you were, making it really harder. maybe not so much? >> and could you feel the humidity, now helping to bring the heavy rain, just reminder, only 6 inches of fast moving water to move a person in about a foot to actually move a car. so dangerous stuff, if you encounter any wet roadways, don't drive-thru it. >> that motto you always hear, turn around, don't drown. >> and seeing flooded areas shall specially in new jersey, but in delaware, it is actually pretty nice start to the day. we have some sunshine, rehoboth beach. and it looks like most of
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extreme southern new jersey, delaware, will get through today on the dry side. so, not a bad beach day overall. just keep in mind, you may run into a scattered shower, perhaps thunderstorm later this afternoon, but boardwalk being looking pretty busy, rehoboth beach people hitting the beach already early this morning, but check out storm scan3, you can see the renmant of the showers, over parts of eastern new jersey right now, burlington county, still, just off toms river, pounded by heavy rainfall for the past couple of hours, already seeing up to 5 inches every rain, in berkeley township, rain finally moving out of philadelphia, breaking up the clouds. seeing sunshine. we get a break, south and west, so i think we will be good through the rest of the morning around philadelphia. take some time to get these showers to move out. but in the afternoon, again, we could run the risk for more scattered showers even few thunderstorms, over the past 24 hours, a lot every rainfall estimated on doppler radar. not so much around philadelphia, but you get into areas to the south, northern delaware, see a lot of yellow, orange, two, 3 inches every rain, then, there is west
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windsor, just north of trenton, four, 5 inches every rain, then just south of toms river, look at that, this is over the past two, three hours, did prompt flashflood warning remains in effect. dew point running hi, 73 degrees, that indicate a lot of moisture, humidity in the air, so it feels oppressive, that will be the trends through the rest of today, even into tonight, dew point stay into the low 70s, probably need the air-conditioning running for sure with this tropical-like air mass, same deal monday. humidity going no where. get used to it, rough start to the work week. at least the high temperatures little cooler, so not dealing with heat indexes up around 100 degrees. so, here we go. today, eight a degrees, and camera keeps moving on me little bit. at the shore, eight a, humid, with some showers on monday afternoon, as well, tuesday, little bit less humid, mix of sun and clouds, 83 degrees, for the afternoon high. so, forecast model shows those showers diminish little bit into the afternoon, see little more sun, but even late afternoon into tonight, we run
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the risk for heavy showers maybe few thunderstorms, good news these storms should not become severe. then tomorrow, little drier, less coverage in the rain. but still can't rule out a shower or storm. so today, up to 88 degrees, very humid, and then tonight, still muggy, 75 for the low temperature, still some rain around, and then tomorrow, i think we start off dry, really the afternoon, the only chance for scattered shower or storm 88 degrees, then we cool it down, drop the humidity tuesday and wednesday, feels pretty good for early august. humidity and heat return the end of the week, friday, saturday, talking lower 90s, so not going away. >> amp them back up. justin, thank youment time 8:17. let's go pack and check with ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. i know you were watching ascent earlier. that is cleared. >> both cleared, good news. schuylkill i am boxer it accident have cleared, flooding here, that was here before, has receded, and we're good to go now on the schuylkill, we do have one problem spot though.
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>> we'll keep you posted. moving the traffic cam to the mid-county tolls of the pa turnpike, no delays here at the mid-county tolls from the pa turnpike westbound, we have an accident, between bensalem philadelphia and willow grove. with possible lane closures, plus, it is unable to dispense fuel all over services are working. we will move the traffic cam one more time, and this is to i95, at the walt whitman bridge. i95 looks good through philadelphia and suburbs with no major delays or problems. and the walt whitman bridge looks all right, too. no problems up ahead, 55, the a.c. expressway looks all right, so does the garden state parkway. one note for you here, if you are traveling in lower merion township, montgomery avenue shutdown between conshohocken state road and levering mill road due to a fallen tree. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm inch evans, rahel, back to you. >> ann, thank you. there was just one winner of
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last night's 487 million-dollar powerball jackpot. how would that be? the single winning ticket was reportedly sold in new hampshire, so if you have any family there maybe give them a call today. back here in our area, maybe you won a smaller prize so check your numbers. winning numbers: eleven, 17, 21, 23, 32, lucky powerball number is five. >> well, some harry potter fans might have stayed up all night reading the latest installment of the famous and popular book series. take a look. how about this line at the barnes and noble in rittenhouse square? harry potter and the curse child charts one and two, final sale at midnight last night. fans wasting no time. they say they've been waiting too long to read more about their favorite wizard. >> we have been waiting for this for years, nine years, harry pot is her how we became friends in the first place t means a lot to us to be here tonight. >> first time in ten years since the last book came out, ya, almost ten years. so it is casino every like a
8:20 am
dream come true. >> and harry is not really so young any more. the new book set almost 20 years after the end of the last harry potter book, the deadly hole owls. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, remember the ice bucket challenge for als? it work. stephanie stahl tells us money raised from the campaign has led to an important research break through. >> 17 million people posted videos on line taking the ice bucket challenge for als. the instant sensation quickly raised $115 million. >> i couldn't believe how fast it took off. >> the ice bucket challenge aimed at helping people like 44 year old west roads, diagnosed 11 years ago. >> that's a bad deal, but look what i have. i mean, i have a life that i've always wanted, and so to be able to -- it is hard to complain, frankly. >> he's married with two sons, and hads been able to continue teaching biology at arcade yan university.
8:21 am
>> see if we can maybe -- >> but eventually the neuro degenerative disease will paralyze him to the point of being unable to breathe. >> now, i think about what's coming in the future, it is scaring, you know, i would be lying if i tell you i wasn't scared about what's going on. >> but now there is into hope. money from the ice bucket challenge has led to an important genetic discovery, that is expected to lead to better treatment. >> exciting time. another example of money at work, i mean, been able to use that money, to get real result. >> it might be late for west but he already defied the odds. things slower developing for him and lived longer than most with als. >> if it can help me that would be great, but more exciting to think about there will be fewer people in the future that will deal with it. >> the ice bucket challenge isn't over yet. one advocate from philadelphia will be visiting 50 state in 30 days, during the month of august, hoping to raise more money for research.
8:22 am
we have a link for you at click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> increasing options now available for the family car. coming up on cbs sunday morning. >> this may look like your average every day auto shop. except for one thing. quality control. feeling very confident and brave, founder and ceo of texas armoring ration. a san antonio based company that turns ordinary cars into rolling fortresses.
8:25 am
>> these aren't base trucks we're talking about, these are passenger vehicles that can stop any type of rifle round, handgun, even up to hand grenades, ied's, those type of explosives. >> but, don't call these vehicles bulletproof. you can make something hundred% bulletproof? >> no, bulletproof does not exist. all our vehicles are bullet resistant. >> the glass will crack, it will splinter, you just don't want it to penetrate you? >> that's correct. it won't penetrate. >> turning your car into a fortress, that this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. >> and coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news": we will show you the surprise gift for a folcroft officer injured in the line of duty. >> it is being called the next cool thing in travel. the the invention for those sick of lugging their luggage. count me in. seeing some sun this morning, but more rain on the way.
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justin is back to tell when you to expect they're all gone. i know i bought them. well, staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period. staples. make more happen.
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. hard to believe the month is over, but ending the month of july on a warm notement justin day brick out on the skydeck, little cooler than it was earlier this week, but that humidity not going anywhere? >> humidity cranking up. feels pretty bad. at least not feeling like over 100 degrees, like it was earlier this last week, but end every july typically our hottest time of year. we can expect high humidity around, almost feeling tropical, really tough to breathe outside right now, if you are headed out to dot morning jog or run, little tough this morning, swweating
8:29 am
out. eastern new jersey, still seeing some heavier showers, starting to diminish a little bit. but still flashflood warning remains in effect for part of ocean county new jersey, south of toms river. past two, three hours, 5 inches every rain if some locations, still some left over showers, across parts of bucks county, but things are improving. actually seeing little sunshine her in the city. that will be the trend through the morning, so there is that flashflood warning, continuing for central ocean county including toms river for the slow moving shower. we have some flood advisories, across part of the area, part of northeast philadelphia, central southern bucks county, then part of southern ocean county. and then there could be some urban flooding there or maybe some of the smaller streams and creeks also could be on the rise. temperatures mid to upper 70s right now, seeing some sunshine, mainly from south jersey on westward with more drying weather coming in, across eastern new jersey, later this morning. but still this afternoon, we could run into few scattered showers, maybe thunderstorm, very humid, so expect some heavy rainfall, and any of the slow moving showers that
8:30 am
develop. 88 degrees for the high temperature for philadelphia, 85, at the shore, mid 70s in the poconos. stays unsettled, into the start of the work week, still very humid, but there is a bit of a change, we are going to bring back cooler and less humid conditions in the seven day, i'll let you know when. >> the clean up continues in south philadelphia, after the democratic national convention, along with trash, crews also had to take down the remains of the security fences that surrounded the wells fargo center. expected to have everything back to normal within just a few days. >> and, with the conventions over, democrats hillary clinton and tim kaine are in the middle of a three day bus tour through pennsylvanian ohio. meanwhile, republican rival donald trump accusing clinton of tampering with their debate schedule. weijia jiang with the latest from washington. next president of the united states hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine stronger together bus tour took them from pennsylvania to youngstown, ohio saturday. clinton told supporters, her
8:31 am
economic plan will create more jobs and strengthen the economy. >> we are going to have the biggest job creation program since worlds war two. >> but the latest cbs news poll shows voters believe donald trump would better hanible the economy. >> there are now a million jobs in america that are not being filled. we don't have enough machinists, tool and dye workers, welder, coaters, i've got a plan to encourage businesses to pay to train people. >> for the first time donald trump is responding to claims he sacrificed nothing for his country, made by the father of a fallen muslim us army soldier at the democratic national convention. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices, i work very, very hard, i created douse -- thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the race to the white house includes three general election debate, between september, and october, trump is accusing clinton of rigging the schedule. >> late friday night, he
8:32 am
tweeted: as usual hillary and the determine are trying to rig the debate. so, too, are up against major nfl games. same as last time, with bernie. unacceptable. but the dates have been set since last september, by the non-partisan commission on presidential debate. on monday, it is trump's turn to troy and sway voters in pennsylvanian ohio. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and the race for the white house is on. we here at "eyewitness news", we have you covered. we'll continue to track both candidate on the campaign trail, both on tv and our website >> a memorial on saturday honored the countless victims who have lost their lives to gun violence. "eyewitness news" at the bkg funeral home in north philadelphia, visitors were encourage today bring a picture every someone they lost to gun violence. the casket filled with bullet casings was placed next to a blanket made with yarn scraps. each square represented a life lost. and in camden county officers spent the day working to strengthen relationships in their communities. officers city leaders and
8:33 am
volunteers turned out for a two-block party in camden. tossing around football with police and officers fired up the grill in a day full of fun @ parentally good food, police say event like this sends an important message. >> you want to empower the people, and that's what we are, you know, we're police departments who have philosophy of where the police are the people and the people of police. so, we want to build our partnerships and reminds the community we're here with them. >> camden county police are holding event through the summer as they continue to try to build a better relationship with the community. >> folcroft delaware county police officer shot in the line of duty continues his recovery. now, officers chris dorman is also enjoying a special gift. officer dorman was released from the hospital last month, you might remember he was shot seven times during drug arrest, his dad took his jeep in for checkup while the officer was in the hospital. well, extreme terrain found off he is an off roden theus as is they renovated his jeep,
8:34 am
presented to him yesterday, good luck, officer dorman. >> one of the most popular events in south philly will be in the spotlight again today. the 11th annual east passyunk car show and street festival kick off at 11:00 this morning, cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live in the neighborhood as the organizers get things ready to go. earlier you had someone on saying one of the cars date back to like 1906? >> reporter: oh, yes, it does. and let me tell you, rahel, it is already started here, the madness that i mentioned, as you can see, number of cars has sort of lined up here, and we will talk to the gentleman who owns one of those old antique cars that i was talking about earlier. you can see people lining up, opening up the hood, getting ready for the masses that will be coming here in just a couple of hours. common through. cars riding through here now. people with show cars, they have antique cars, they have, you know, they have motorcycles, and trucks, all
8:35 am
coming through, showing off their vehicles. and i'm here with bernie, and michael, how are you doing? >> nod bad. how about yourself today? >> wonderful. he owns this beautiful reproduction of 1906 oldsmobile. that you purchased just few month ago. tell me what attracted you to this vehicle? >> it is different. i'm a car nut, but i like the idea it is different, not so much foray tension, but just to be the only one in the neighborhood. >> let's talk about details of the car? >> it was reproduction of 1906 oldsmobile, made in 1959, down in florida. and they call it curve dash oldsmobile. so i like the idea i was able to strip off the paint, and varnish it with the natural wood luke. obviously, the budweiser label is on it, came because it was own by beer distributor that used it for advertisement, and i think it is neat using the old budweiser boxes. >> michael, could you sound that horn? because this was really cool. go ahead.
8:36 am
i love the sound of that horn. and bernie, you know not, you're just not car nut? that's not all. you also own the local bakery. and so show me those cannoli's. >> we have the cannoli's, the bakery down on tenth. >> so he he bridges it, first time, you've enters this car show, although you've been admirer for how long? >> forever, coming to the passyunk car show for years, first year i'm doing. >> and bernie like so many people in this neighborhood, he grew up here. >> yes, i did. >> actually works in the neighborhood. >> yes. >> whole entire family runs a bakery. and lives right around here, just like so many of the folks on east passyunk? >> most of us walking distance, yes, born and raised around the corner on fernon, italian bakery on tenth and more us. >> so today there will be food, like what, like these beautiful cannoli's here, there will be cannoli's, drink specials, food specials, live music on every block, and the
8:37 am
blocks off from broad street all the way to dickinson. and there will be five blocks of cars, 140 cars, all of this, kicks off, around 11:00 today. and it goes until 4:00. and i want to take a bite. can i take one of these cannoli's, just let you know, because they're nice and chilled. yum. delicious. yum. all going on from 11:00 to 4:00 today for the 11th annual car show and street festival here on east passyunk avenue. rahel, i'm trying to talk with my mouthful. not really working, but absolutely delicious. >> all right. >> live from south philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" kyw-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, sound like a lot of fun. very unique. >> well, there is so much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next, we'll check in with "face the nation"'s john dickerson for a look ahead at i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
8:38 am
and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> at 10:30 here on cbs-3, joining us now with a preview, live in washington is the moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, good morning. >> dropping the con schenn over, so now what's going to happen in the 999 days before election day. >> we'll talk to bernie sanders about hillary clinton and what his supporters should do now. we'll also talk to donald trump's campaign manager, paul, and chairman of the republican national committee, about where the trump campaign stands, the question of temperament, then also the latest over or i should say potential over the scheduling of the debate in the fall. and then as always rahel, we'll have our political round table to talk about the news of the week, and then what we can expect next week. >> and if i could quickly ask, wife ' been talking about donald trump's accusation that is hillary clinton is pampering or had tampered with the debate schedule. help me understand, used to plane well in advance. >> the debates bathes are
8:41 am
planned well in advance, campaigns had nothing to do with them, so hillary clinton, it would be impossible for her to do anything that has to do with the scheduling of the debate. so, he's just actually inaccurate on that. >> for that potential dust up as you said, john, thank you, still to come this morning, the sunny start to the day, but it is steamy. justin back to let you know when we can expect less humid conditions. that would be nice. also ahead, if you think sky diving is scary wait until you she this man jump out after plane, world's first. plus, why carry your luggage whether it can carry you? the next cool thing in
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. hoping today for eagles, in pads now gearing up for first pre-season game happens august in pit burying, theme
8:44 am
of today's free open practice is kids run the show, so, young eagles fans, will have special opportunities to participate. the practice starts at 10:00 at the linc. and justin drabick joining us now, justin, if you are headed out to that open practice, not complete wash out. maybe carry the umbrella anyway? >> obviously wear short sleeves, short, feels tropical out there. pretty nasty. it will help fuel some heavy rain, if you get stuck in one of these showers, but again, key word here is scattered. don't cancel your outdoor plans, keep in mind as we head into the afternoon hours, we could see another flare up, of some showers, maybe few thunderstorms, but i don't think we'll see as much coverage as we had yesterday. so that's some good news. temperatures right now generally mid 70s, everywhere, so pretty much the same no matter where you are. seventy-five up in sanatoga, michael really's house, levittown, 75, chester feel, ed at 74, we had 76 in lawrenceville, new jersey around philadelphia, same numbers, mid and upper 70s, getting close to 80 now. down in buena vista township at margo simon's house, she
8:45 am
has got 79 degrees. have some pictures in here this morning, little dreary start to a lot of locations but here in philadelphia, phil showing the sunshine breaking out now, that's the trends. as we head in over the next couple of hours, down to south jersey, margo, she has the sunshine, helping to heat things up. williamstown, peter, shows clouds, mixed when some sunshine, clearing out rapidly, even cherry hill looking better here as lynn springer showing clouds, with brightening skies there, so that's the trend. but still, the daytime heating, could bring some more showers later on today. at the shore, right now, good shape. i think the next several hours looks good. not as much sunshine, i don't think as yesterday, but still you have to wear the sun block, uv index still running high. you may get brief shower or two into the afternoon, but i think most of south jersey and delaware, pretty much stays dry today. here is storm scan3, still, dealing with the heavy rain, over central ocean county new jersey right now, flashflood warning remains in effect for just south of toms river. check it out.
8:46 am
see the bright colors there, past two, three hours, finally, the heavy rain starting to move off to the east, little thunderstorm now developing on the north side of long beach island. looking better now around trenton, parts every bucks county, that rain moves out. then dry. so i think the rest of the morning for the most part east of the city looks pretty good. rounding out the month of july, we head into today, average just over 3 degrees above average, rainfall getting close to average, that's good. this is for philadelphia, so, not bad finish as far as the rainfall goes. highest temperature we hit 97 degrees, twice this month, the lowest with 65 degrees. all right, it is very humid, look at the buy point. doesn't get much hire he than this around the delaware valley, dover, approaching 80 degrees, that is just nasty stuff. you want it stay inside in the air-conditioning if you can. it is still feels oppressive, throughout the day today. and again tomorrow. get used to it, tuesday, wednesday, actually going to feel little better. so call it humid. but much drier than what it is feel like right now. shore forecast today, again, some sunshine, maybe scattered shower or two later this afternoon, eight a degrees for
8:47 am
the air temperature, ocean finally back up to the mid 70s, atlantic city, uv index still hi, weaver southeast breeze, coming in off the water at 10 miles per hour. we still get that flow out of the southwest, aloft, in the atmosphere, just pumps in the humid air from the deep south. then this frontal boundary still stuck over the mid-atlantic. that's the focus for showers and thunder storms, go back to last friday, and that has been the trend, some of the showers and storms could contain heavy rain, just because so much moisture in the air. 60% chance of rain, but notice, tomorrow, the chances decrease. they're still there, though, tuesday, much better, maybe shower left over during the morning. wednesday, looks pretty dry. but you will notice big drop in humidity starting on tuesday. future weather model into the afternoon, still maybe some light rain. far eastern new jersey, but into the afternoon, still couple of scattered shawls possible into tonight, still could run into few areas of some heavy rain, it will be isolated, not everybody sees it, tomorrow morning, looking okay, afternoon, on monday, maybe another shower, perhaps even thunderstorm. so today, it is very warm,
8:48 am
88 degrees, muggy, shower, storm, possible. still the threat tonight. seventy-five for the low temperature, stays humid. tomorrow repeat of today. as far as temperatures, upper 80s, but less of a chance for shower, tuesday, cooler, less humid at 84, keep it mid 80s wednesday, then crank back that heat by friday. low nine's headed into the weekend, rahel? >> justin, thank you it rye now 8:48. one last check on the roads, over to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, ann. >> hello, rahel. looking at the schuylkill at spring garden, earlier did have flooding on it, since receded and the schuylkill pretty good to go at spring garden. if you look to the right, that's martin luther king drive. that shutdown between the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge, for recreational activities. still do have problem on sit avenue northbound at the schuylkill, the ramp to the westbound schuylkill there, still closed, due to flooding. we're going to move the track cam here to the mid-county tolls, of the pa turnpike, no delays mid-county tolls themselves. but we still have slow track on the pa turnpike westbound, between bensalem and willow
8:49 am
grove, where an accident just cleared. and on the pa turnpike westbound, at the king of prussia service plaza, if you are going to stop there, that's unable to dispense fuel at this time. all other services are working. moving the traffic cam here, one more time, this is to our new camera, or it was to our new, there go, broad street at paterson avenue in south philadelphia. keep in mind, no delays here, but, passyunk avenue, shutdown, between broad street and tasker street for the east passyunk avenue car show, and street festival. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. now, rahel, back to you. >> good info, thank you ann. real daredevil sky diver back on solid grounds after history making jump for more than 25,000 feet. here is the catch, though. forty-two year old luke aikins jumped from the plane over california seem i valley without a parachute. after two minute fall, lands in 100 by 100-foot net. now, aikins says he has made more than 1800 jump in his life there is was the first from a parachute. his wife and sons greeted him
8:50 am
back down here on planet earth. >> well, new invention for travel lovers sick of lugging their luggage. jeannie moose test drives the first motorized suitcase. >> not every day you learn to drive a suitcase. >> maybe you have seen the moto bag. motorized suitcase you can ride, recently went viral. >> alluminum bars, pop up. >> so when moto creator said we could test drive it, we decided to carry on. >> and then lift your handlebars up. place your feet on the pegs. >> there is a thumb throttle for the electric motor. >> it is very responsive. so you just take time to get used to it. >> hand breaks like on a bike. >> how fast am i going right now? >> probably going 6 miles an hour. >> top speed eight. it is state-of-the-art lithium battery can go 8 miles. takes an hour to fully charge it. and you can charge your phone
8:51 am
or tablet on it. >> i love it. i'm speechless, i'm telling you, i love it, never seen anything like this. >> you have to be kidding me. this is what james bond looks like when he is walking into the airport? >> without any trouble. then as soon as the bad guy shows up, he's off. >> good bye, double 07. kevin create wad friend who is a motorcycle engineer. you know those old suitcase commercials? >> have we got a suitcase for you. >> kevin jones tested his motorized bag wearing a gorilla suit, if you're going april to have one, prepare to pay 1500 bucks, when they start shipping in january. though, early birds, buying now, pay $995 ride was a little bumpy on new york craft sidewalk, but? >> just like you're floating on air at the airport. >> says the moto bag is af a and tsa compliant, what remains to be seen if airports would allow them, were they to
8:52 am
become popular. >> can you imagine showing up in court, your honor, i was on a suitcase, nagging illegal left turn. >> why just lug around your carry on, when it can carry you? see ya later. jeannie moos, new york. >> that's so funny. >> i can just see people getting bumped in with those? >> oh, i can't even imagine. you know, i must be traveling next week, so in the middle of packing right now, i hate suitcases. >> 1500? >> do you have 1500 to carry? hey, i cannot imagine being in the airport rushing around? >> sure. >> no, no,. >> pretty funny, though. >> it is fun. >> i coming up next, we'll check in with cherri gregg live at
8:53 am
pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! >> car lovers looking for something fun to do outside today, here is a idea, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" live in south philly where the annual east passyunk car show
8:55 am
and street festival kicks off in just a few hours, hi, cherri gregg. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, you can see, cars have taken over this section every east passyunk avenue show cars, all sorts every vehicles lining up here, quickly, kevin, from living the dream, this is the corvette section, so quickly tell me what type of corvette you have lined up smear. >> we had sport convertible, kevin has a 2,009vo6. >> and as you can see, they have the hoods raised, so people can see the wonderful engines inside. all of the color. all of the details. why do you love this so much? >> just to have fun, the fellowship. >> yes? 140 cars, are going to be lined up here, along passyunk avenue, from 11:00 to 4:00 today. there is going to be food specials, drink specials, kids zone, and shopping discount, all day long. so people can enjoy this business district, it is a
8:56 am
family district, people grew up here, and they absolutely love it. and as you can see, you can see why. look at these beautiful, beautiful vehicles. so, this will be going on again here, from 11:00 to 4:00 today here in south philadelphia. live on east passyunk, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> beautiful indeed. don't forget to bring us some cannoli's back, please, and thank you. >> oh, yes. >> and if you are headed out to that event, just prepare to go dealing with some humidity. >> and maybe a shower coming in specially in the afternoon, bury don't think we'll see as much coverage as yesterday, that's good thing, don't cancel the outdoor plans, have your eye to the sky. but any showers could bring some heavy rain. but next couple of days it will be certainly on the humid side. upper 80s for the forecast who had today, a lot of humidity, same deal tomorrow. finally tuesday we start to cool it down. drop the humidity. mid 80s not bad for early august, keep it dry through the end of the week, heat makes return though starting thursday, we bring back humidity, upper 80s, couple of days in the 90s starting
8:57 am
friday, into the weekend, now, saturday, may have scattered showers or thunderstorm, but all-in-all this is the heart of summer, you know, warmest time of year. so we'll deal with it. >> that i feel like we can deal with. monday, tuesday -- >> yes, 110, not feeling that. >> justin, thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" forma. we may be signing off on tv but we're always on line saturday -- sunday morning is next. have a great day. >> ♪ by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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